• Inspiration recently offered a jolly glimpse in homemade products…  

Inspiration recently offered a jolly glimpse in homemade products…  

Beauty can be found in everyday life, but it takes a special pairing to be immortalized in tasteful, handcrafted products.
Sara Antonson and Andrea Fleishauer are the mother-daughter team behind custom laser cutting business Inspiration Lately, which offers a wide range of products custom made using laser cutters.The company offers sterling silver earrings, leather goods, mugs and a wide range of custom items made from wood, specifically maple, cherry, red oak and walnut.
The goal behind the business, Fleishauer said, is to spread positivity by preserving the beauty of everyday life, as they do with cutting boards with recipes engraved in the handwriting of loved ones dating back to 1905.
“We’re all about spreading joy, positivity and inspiration,” says Fleishauer. “We try to help our clients find inspiration in the mundane. When you can find beauty in random things throughout the day, you’re in Be inspired more and more throughout the day to keep that inspiration going to those around you.”
The catalyst for launching the online business dates back to late 2019, when Antonson retired from his role as CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of the Greater Chippewa Valley after 13 years.Not knowing which direction her life would take next, Sara devoted her creativity and newfound free time to Inspiration recently after hearing about laser cutters being sold locally.
When you can find beauty in random things throughout the day, you will be inspired more and more throughout the day so that that inspiration continues to pass on to those around you.
Antonson teamed up with her daughter to provide a family element to Inspiration Lately.Fleishauer had worked as a technology coordinator for the Eau Claire School District for ten years at the time, so the pair needed a change of pace.
“I can’t sit still,” Antonson said.”I’ve always been active, so it felt very natural to have the opportunity to put my creativity into my business and grow organically. We’ve always been close, so it’s also brought me and my daughter closer in business as well , except to get together in person.”
Growing its business through the pandemic, Inspiration recently entered the race by fulfilling hundreds of local, regional and national orders.The duo produces most of the merchandise, with some of the most popular products available in local stores such as the Mustard Seed Boutique, Down to Earth, String Theory Studio and The Hive.
While the dynamic duo have made a name for themselves by offering a wide range of bespoke products, Inspiration Lately is encouraged to explore the wholesale market more aggressively in 2022.After offering custom pins, key chains and other products for weddings, special occasions and other businesses, the duo found that narrowing their offerings down to the parts they were most proud of made the most sense for their future.
“We’ve been thinking about things like this, and we know it’s something we can accomplish together,” Fleishauer said. “My mom and I have always been equally creative, so it made a lot of sense to work together.”
With two years of experience, the mother-daughter duo behind Inspiration Lately seems ready to continue its role in the bespoke merchandise market.In fact, they did so well that they closed their Etsy store to focus on ordering through their website.
Inspiration Lately’s products can now be found on their website, inspirationlately.com.For more information, you can contact them at inspirationlately@gmail.com.
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